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Ian Hutchins

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Ian Hutchins is an Assistant Professor of Data and Information Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Information School. Prof. Hutchins previously worked as a data scientist at NIH, where he developed the iCite bibliometrics dashboard, along with many of its quantitative metrics and the NIH Open Citation Collection database. He also coached high school fencing for nearly a decade.

Ian Hutchins

Salsabil Arabi

Salsabil is a Ph.D. student at the UW Madison iSchool in Fall ‘21. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Data Science, HCI, and ML. She is interested in extracting insights from data and intertwining those with real-world issues. She is particularly inclined towards solving human-centric and health-related problems with the motivation to add ease to human life. Previously, she completed her B.Sc. in Computer Science from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Fall ‘19. Visit her website in case you are interested in her previous projects and publications.

Shiyi He

Shiyi is a graduate student in the MS Information program at UW-Madison. Her research interests lie in Data Science, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, and Natural Language Processing. She interned at Lexical Intelligence, LLC. Shiyi completed her B.S. in Information Management and Systems at East China Normal University.

Samantha Wang

Samantha is an undergraduate studying Economics with a certificate in Data Science. After graduation, she plans to further her education in Business Analysis/Data Science programs at graduate school. The goal of her study in data science is to apply advanced analytical tools and techniques to help people in need and to find practical solutions to serious issues of economic, safety, and well-being for diverse populations. She loves cats and one dream is to have a ragdoll cat.

Satvik Shukla

Satvik is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, Information School pursuing an MS in Information, building on his prior degree in Information Technology(Soft Computing) from the University of Pune, India. He has professionally worked on multiple projects in the data sphere majorly focusing on user behavior and analysis in the demand and supply industry. His research interests lie in the amalgamation of Data Science, Human-Centered Computing, and Decision Science. He loves hiking, and working his way through every recipe in the family cookbook, and playing Soccer and Badminton.

Jai Potnuri

Jai is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Information School pursuing MS in Information. His research interest lies in Programming, Data Science, UX, and HCI. He loves travelling, swimming and playing Badminton.

Sophia Yang

Sophia is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working in the Metascience Research Lab to provide computational and analytical support. Her reserach methods include cluster computing and exploratory data analysis.

Former lab members

Lindsay Nelson

Lindsay was in the Pharmacology and Toxicology undergraduate program at UW-Madison. After graduation, she aimed to further her education in medicine in the Anesthesiologist Assistant masters program. She was born in Sun Prairie, WI but did most of her growing up in Mankato, MN and chose to come back to Wisconsin for school. She’s a very big fan of playing guitar and has been collecting guitars since 2016.

Sophia Koehn

Sophia studies computer science and data science as an undergraduate. Her future plans are to use my education in data science and use it to further the social good.

Anna Schwenn

Anna is from DeForest, Wisconsin. She worked in the Hutchins lab when she was a junior majoring in Microbiology. Her plans for after graduation include industry pharmaceutical research, as she had an internship with PPD in their microbiology department. A hobby of hers is that she loves to run. She has competed in numerous half marathons.

Shinhyo Lee

Shinhyo was a research assistant in the Hutchins lab when she was an undergraduate student in UW-Madison studying Genetics and Psychology with a certificate in Global Health. After graduation, she went on to further her education in healthcare through pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing. She was born in South Korea but grew up moving around many different countries.